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Welcome to a transformative journey where each breath opens doors to deeper self-awareness, healing, and personal evolution.


What is Breathwork

Lets benefit from this ancient practice, an art of mindfulness that utilizes intentional breathing techniques to foster emotional liberation, enhance clarity, and promote physical and mental well-being. It is a journey within, using the breath as a vehicle to access altered states of consciousness where profound healing and insight can occur. Through breathwork, we learn to harness the power of our own breath to unlock a wellspring of life energy, allowing transformative experiences to take a place and a deeper understanding of the self.

Breathwork with miro komarek
Elysium Breathwork Ceremonies by miro komarek
Elysium Breathwork Ceremonies by miro komarek

Benefits of conscious connected breathing

Unleash Your Potential: Dive into breathwork and unlock a world where stress melts away, emotional burdens lighten, and clarity emerges. Experience a surge in energy, sharper focus, and deeper sleep. Are you ready to explore the transformative power of your own breath:


  • Stress Reduction: Achieve immediate stress relief and effortlessly navigate through life's stressors

  • Emotional Release and liberation: Lighten emotional burdens, aiding in the healing of emotional traumas and contributing to stability

  • Mental Clarity: Dispel mental fog for sharper thinking and concentration, boost cognitive function

  • Improved Physical Health Regular breathwork can improve respiratory function, maintain oxygen management to the body, and support detoxification processes

  • Deep Relaxation: Immerse yourself in profound peace and relaxation, reconnecting with your inner calm.

  • Unlock your potential: Explore the depths of your inner self in a safe space, unlocking new possibilities

  • Inner Connection: Fortify self-awareness and intuition, deepening your connection with your true essence

  • Improved Sleep: Find deeper, more rejuvenating sleep

  • Self-Healing Activation: Unleash your body’s own healing abilities, sparking deep restoration from within

Step into a safe and nurturing sanctuary designed for exploring the depths of your inner self. Experience the powerful combination of timeless wisdom and modern methodologies. Embrace the opportunity to connect with a community of individuals who share the breathing journey.

Benefits of conscious connected breathing

What is Elysium Breathwork

Elysium Breathwork is our unique interpretation of this timeless practice, named after the mythological realm of eternal peace and happiness.


It's a sanctuary for the soul, a retreat from the everyday tumult, offering a peaceful respite in a world of constant motion. Our ceremonies are more than just breathwork; they are a journey to your personal Elysium through a series of adapted ancient breathing techniques.

Each breath is a step towards tranquility: inhales drawing in peace, and exhales releasing burdens.

What is Elysium Breathwork
miro komarek
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Breathwork journey 

My adventure with breathwork began in 2015, a profound experience that unveiled the extraordinary depth and healing capacities of mindful breathing. This initial encounter, marked by humility and awe, set me on a path of exploration and discovery.


My first Pranayama workshop in India ignited a passion for breathwork, leading to extensive workshops in creating sacred spaces, cacao facilitation, and becoming a certified breathwork facilitator with ‘’Samma Karuna’’ in Ikaria, Greece for tetra breathwork. Additionally, I completed a teacher training for shamanic modalities in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


I take great pleasure in integrating the valuable insights acquired from my academic endeavors, Bachelor's and Master's degrees, which has been crucial in understanding how to create environments that promote safety, trust, and openness.


Furthermore, I have worked on my guidance, leadership and empathy capacities through countless training and workshops. Consequently, this allows me to better be able to understand, connect and facilitate each individual's needs.


You'll also find me embracing life's vibrancy, whether dancing freely at ecstatic dances, finding solace in the rhythmic chanting of mantras, or actively supporting sustainable events that aim to shape a better future. My journey is one of joy, spirituality, and a deep commitment to our planet's well-being, reflecting a balanced blend of self-expression and mindful living

Highlights from My Breathwork Journey

Transformative team workshop/building for 100 participants from the City of Zurich

Specialized workshops for organizations like Sheraton Zurich, focusing on stress reduction and leadership development

®Tetra breathwork certified teacher training by ‘’Samma Karuna Thailand’’ in Greece Ikaria

Shamanic breathwork for groups and individuals, since 2022

Shamanic breathwork teacher training in Sacred Valley of Peru

Breathwork Fundamentals teacher training by Dan Brule

Elysium Breathwork
Elysium Breathwork Ceremonies by miro komarek

My Vision

To create a world where every breath leads to a moment of discovery, healing, and empowerment. I believe in the power of collective healing and the profound impact of personal transformation on global well-being. Central to my philosophy is a firm belief in the transformative power of kindness and compassion within each individual.

What Sets My Workshops Apart

My workshops are a blend of science and spirit, designed not just to teach but to transform and experience a set of own resources invoked. For sustainable wellbeing. They are spaces where ancient practices meet modern needs, fostering personal growth, community connection and joy. Each session is an opportunity to journey inward, guided by the principles of compassion, understanding, and shared human experience.

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Sarah F. 

"It was a unique experience, a journey to myself. Especially since this was my first real encounter in this field. I definitely want to go for it again"


Contact / Collaboration

I'm always open to exploring new horizons and embarking on journeys that inspire, heal, and bring people together. If you're looking for a unique addition to your event, a transformative session for your team, or an imaginative co-creation, I'd love to hear from you. Here are just a few ways we can collaborate:

Festival / Event Bookings

Bring the magic of breathwork and cacao ceremonies to your festival. Let's create unforgettable moments of connection and transformation for your attendees.

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your audience with insights into the power of breathwork, positive leadership. Perfect for conferences, wellness events, or spiritual gatherings.

Team Sessions

Elevate your team's dynamics with customized workshops focusing on stress reduction, team bonding, and enhancing creativity through breathwork and cacao.


Have an idea for a workshop, retreat, or event? Let's combine our energies and expertise to craft something truly special.

Your Idea Here

Got another form of collaboration in mind? I'm all ears! Let's discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

Leave us a message!

Miro Komarek, Zürich

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